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Development of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises – Consultancy – Trainings – Skills-based volunteering programmes

IFUA Nonprofit Partner is a nonprofit management consultancy organization. Our aim is to develop nonprofit organizations, thereby enhancing their effectiveness, efficiency and social impact, as well as strengthening their sustainable operations.

We support nonprofit organizations by implementing management consultancy projects, and by providing them with professional volunteers and training activities. We facilitate cooperation among nonprofit organizations, volunteers, corporate partners and donor organizations.

Established in 2009, IFUA Nonprofit Partner operates as a nonprofit organization of public benefit. Our team members are experienced in management and nonprofit consultancy.

According to our founders a society is in good condition only if it has more and more people living a dignified and self-supporting life. Accordingly, we pay special attention to support organizations focusing on helping the ones in need to reintegrate them to the society and the labour market; addressing housing problems and providing training programmes.

We are part of the corporate social responsibility programme of IFUA Horváth. During our daily work we rely heavily on its long-standing good practices of management consulting solutions and methodology. Moreover, consultants of IFUA Horváth often participate in our projects as volunteers.

Our main focus areas in nonprofit management are: strategy development and implementation, fundraising, business planning and organizational operations and processes.

We carry out our activities with the financial support of donor organizations and corporate partners. For nonprofit organizations our services are available at a preferential, nonprofit (low bono) pricing or for free (pro bono).

Sustainable development goals set by United Nations for which we work:

For more information: https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

Nonprofit consultancy

The most sufficient way of developing nonprofit organizations is to provide personalized consultancy. As parts of our nonprofit consultancy projects, we deal with the following focus areas of the operation of nonprofit organizations: strategy development and implementation, organizational restructuring, process management, operations and efficiency enhancement, controlling, fundraising, business planning and development, establishment and operations of social enterprises, project management, volunteer management, social impact measurement and IT topics.

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Our key to success is customizing well-proven business topics and methodologies according to the needs of nonprofit organizations.

For business organizations we also offer nonprofit consultancy to develop and implement corporate social responsibility strategy, and to facilitate new business and professional partnership with nonprofit organizations.


Skills-based volunteering programmes

Szakmai önkéntes program, Önkéntesség

There is a growing demand from both business organizations and employees on corporate skills-based volunteering programmes, instead of traditional CSR and volunteering activities.

During skills-based volunteering programmes we connect corporate volunteers with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises struggling with business and management problems. IFUA Nonprofit Partner is responsible for recruitment and preparational tasks, and for the overall management and monitoring of the programme.

Skills-based volunteering programmes are financed from the contributions of corporate partners and donor organizations. Nonprofit organizations hosting corporate volunteers can participate in the programmes for free (pro bono) or for a nonprofit (low bono) fee.


Nonprofit training

We provide training for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, as well as for those interested in the nonprofit sector (university students, corporate volunteers).

For nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, we offer training to support them in dealing with a wide variety of organizational challenges (see: Nonprofit consultancy). During the training sessions we combine business and nonprofit methodologies, as well as consultancy project results.

For those interested in the nonprofit sector, we offer courses and training about nonprofit organizations and special areas of nonprofit management. To increase social sensitivity, we organize board game events, which make possible for the participants to gain more information about different social issues in an informal and interactive way.

A wide range of training types tailor-made for the needs of the clients are available, from one-occasion lectures to 6-month workshop sessions.


Clients and partners

We are devoted to facilitate cooperation among nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, volunteers, corporate partners and donor organizations.

European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation

Gólya Cooperative Bar and Community House

Rosa Parks Foundation





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